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Endlessly Organic is an organic buying club.  We source and select farm fresh delicious organic produce and deliver it to your community every other week.

Endlessly Organic brings its members the very best product at the very best price by buying in bulk. Each group\'s delivery is divided into Large Boxes or Medium Boxes for each member. A Large Box contains enough organic produce to feed a household of 3-4, and costs $50.  A Medium Box can easily feed 1-2 people, and costs $35.  All shares include a variety of 7-9 vegetables and 3-5 fruits. Add on items will include eggs, meats, nuts, olive oil and more.

All produce is 35% or more below grocery store prices already, but Miami City Social members are invited to enjoy the Large Box at an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF for a savings of 45% or more!

Sample Produce Share:
Romaine Lettuce
Green Chard
Broccoli (Large Box Only)
Green Beans
Red Beets
White Onions
Carnival Squas

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