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With growing concern with what we eat, where it comes from, and of course how this effects the environment and our health, grass-fed beef has become the healthier alternative to corn and grain fed cattle. Inspired by the Gaucho (South American Cowboy) we are dedicated to providing you with this tasty 100% natural grass fed beef free of antibiotics, hormones and grain from the South American Pampas of Uruguay
Gaucho Ranch beef is lower in cholesterol, higher in beta-carotene, lower in fat, and higher in Omega 3s, and Vitamin E then conventional beef.
Our cattle roam the grasslands and graze on all natural pastures as much as they need and in a stress free environment. Our partners in Uruguay are a 100 year old family owned farm where Gauchos are still the traditional caretakers of our animals. Our method has been around for centuries before us, not only in Uruguay but all over the world. It is not new, there is no trade secret about our business, and it is as simple as cows eating gr

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