Jewelry stores & repairs


PO BOX 1064, Deerfield Beach, FL, 33443, USA
954 874 7273
MCS Card privilege: Aliakim 10% All Products

Brickell Jewelers

900 South Miami Avenue, Suite 127, Miami, FL, 33130, USA
MCS Card privilege: Brickell Jewelers offers 55% off entire purchase + 10% off all repairs of watches and jewelry *Free Jewelry Cleaning
Brickell Jewelers

Little Big Store

3123 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL, 33133
MCS Card privilege: 15% Off all regularly priced Items
Little Big Store

Marilyn's Jewelry Designs

3 Grove Isle Drive, Coconut Grove, FL, 33133
Marilyn's Jewelry Designs

Royal Crown Fashion

140 E Flagler St., Miami, FL, 33131, USA
(305) 379 4003
MCS Card privilege: Royal Crown Fashion offer 25% off
Royal Crown Fashion

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