Miami Skin Boutique

350 South Miami Ave, Miami, FL, 33130
305-896 4775
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Mini Facial
Treat your skin to a targeted cleanse when you’re on the go and pressed for time ($55)
Fitness Cleanse
Correct and Protect your skin to a facial that will be steamed, exfoliated and purified through a custom tailored treatment made for you ($85)
Galvanic Infusion
Purify and refresh your pores with this age old technique of product infusion through negative and positive ions.  This anti-aging facial will stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness and even stimulate collagen, which in turn plumps up fine lines. A custom tailored facial for your needs which includes all the necessary steps to ensure results ($85)
Acne Cleanse
When it comes to acne, it‘s all about several extractions and several sessions, along with the proper use of ingredients targeted to absorb excess oil and kill bacteria. Prepare to spend 90 minutes and conclude with LED Acne Light to ensure proper elimination of acne causing germs. ($100)
Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion

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