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900 South Brickell, Miami, FL, 33131
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Total Nutrition has positioned itself at the forefront of the lucrative and robustly-growing sports nutrition, vitamin, and weight loss market. We are poised to take the industry here in Miami by storm by offering a number of benefits that other retailers are unable to provide. Unlike many competitors in the industry, we are vertically integrated throughout the entire supply chain of the sports nutrition. We work with leading dieticians and health professionals to develop premium grade product lines.

As a growing franchise, with 24 current locations, we take pride in having a highly trained staff capable of customizing nutrition plans according to each individual’s specific goals and needs. In fact, all of our store employees are certified nutritionist!

Although our shelves are stocked with the top national brands, what really sets us apart is the exclusive line of quality NUTRACORE products we deliver. Each one of NUTRACORE formulas are produced by a GMP-Certified manufacture

Features of Total Nutrition

Introducing the INTEK Isolate: 0 carbs 0 sugars 130 calories 30g Fat ONLY 5mg of Sodium. Includes 14g of gluatamine & BCAA's with Award Winning Taste! Come try a sample at our store in Mary Brickell Village, below LA Fitness. If purchased, receive a free t-shirt and shaker!

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Great selection of nutrition supply!
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