01 Feb


Frequently Asked Questions


1 How do I use my CITY SOCIAL card?

Answer : Simply present the card when you make a purchase along with your ID

2 How long is the card valid for?

Answer:  The card is valid for one year , at which time you can choose to renew and we will send you another card

3 How do I know which stores or restaurants are participating and what is the pre agreed discount?

Answer: Please check on the site for the vendors name and the pre-agreed discount for that vendor will be listed.

4 Can my significant other, roommate or children use my card?

Answer : No, each card is designated on a per person basis, BUT, for example, if they are with you at a restaurant, you may use your MIAMICITYSOCIAL card to discount the bill.

5 What do I do if I lose my card ?

Answer: You can request a replacement on the site but there will be a $25 fee

6 When I apply for my card how long does it take to arrive ?

Answer: Approximately 5 business days


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