27 Feb 2014
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Promotions and Announcements

We can successfully promote or announce your business by creating unique information and sharing it with our network.

Initially we would create a one page article on the business. This can be professional written or with information provided by the owner. It can contain details or extracts from other media sources to show an overall consciences.
We can include a full photo galley and videos to ensure we give the best visual effect along with an extract of local reviews.

This is then posted under the relevant section on our site and linked to a business directory page so that the business becomes searchable. It can also include reservation links , social media followers photos etc.

Once the advertisement is complete on our site we can then create an email flyer to send out to our database.
This is followed by sharing information to our social media followers and special interest groups.

Email promotions:

• Email to our full data base of local residents (128,000)
• It includes 75 hotels and 120 Residential concierges.
• Miami City Social members (22,000)
• With an expected opening rate of 20%
• Age group 24-48 with $100,000 annual incomes
• 55% female 45% male

Online promotion:
• Miami City Social website has 1000 visitors per day
• Expected readers on MCS site 1200 within 30 days
• Full page business directory information, showing ratings and reviews etc

• Full page business article which can show ( includes photos, videos etc)
Plus details of reviews and details of what people are saying around the area and on the web
see example http://www.miamicitysocial.com/the-downstairs-will-be-opening-on-march-14-at-hotel-astor-miami-beach-1303

Social media: ( followers)
• Facebook 19,500
• Twitter 20,000
• Google Plus and Circles 2,900
• Linkedin 700
• Pinterest and Instagram

Special interest groups (local groups)

• Multiple local groups that have a special interest in certain areas such Foodie s or fashion etc (total 39,000)


Contact us for details on 786 325 0277




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