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Created by Bar Lab, The Anderson is a neighborhood bar for our neighbors. We don't see anything wrong with a little good cocktails, good food and live music. Taking over the former Magnum Lounge space at 709 NE 79th Street, The Anderson opens at Upper Eastside. Here is more information about The Anderson :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Then, take your late-night endeavors to the Anderson, an ’80s-leaning watering hole from the city’s favorite cocktailing duo. It’s now open where the legendary Magnum Lounge once stood, here’s what it looks like, and here’s a rundown of what’s stayed the same and what hasn’t...
Then: A charmingly seedy piano bar with racy red walls and crystal chandeliers.
Now: Most of the place is still intact, with the mirrors and red couches firmly holding their own. But they’ve added some ’80s flair with animal-print wallpaper and a beachy back patio with frozen drinks. And that legendary piano—you’ll find it on its own stage. Respect, people."


According to Eater :

"Inside the darkly lit lounge designed by Josh Wollowick, which is very reminiscent of its predecessor Magnum with the addition of animal print walls, it showcases a menu divided into two sections: new wave cocktails and originals. The originals are "forgotten classics" from the 80s and 90s like the Appletini, while new wave are the more unique Bar Lab cocktails that they have built their reputation on. As for food, the space tapped Vagabond’s executive chef Alex Chang to create a menu with new twists on traditional bar dishes like smokey queso dip, hot dogs topped with Japanese spicy sauce and beef rinds tossed in Cool Ranch Doritos seasoning." written by Olee Fowler.


According to New Times :

"The Anderson's cocktail menu is divided into two categories — "New Wave" and "Originals." New Wave drinks are takes on classic libations of the '80s and '90s. The Let's Dance ($14) is a twist on a dirty martini, made with Elyx vodka, caper berries, filthy olive brine, and truffle spray. The Like a Virgin ($11) is a take on the cosmopolitan, the drink made famous in the '90s by the characters of Sex and the City, who slurped the pink beverage all over Manhattan in the HBO runaway hit series that defined dating long before Girls. " written by Laine Doss.


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Albion Hotel South Beach finally got their space filled. It is called Repour Bar. This a craft cocktail bar featuring locally grown and homemade ingredients. Featuring an eclectic evolving menu, in a relaxed setting by cocktail experts! Opens by Miami mixologist Isaac Grillo who specializes in creating cocktails with garden fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This is his first bar, much of it inspired by his family- and the ties to his memories growing up in Colorado. Here is more information about Repour Bar :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Repour, a cozy evening hang with liquor-filled tea service and a healthy dose of Wu-Tang on the stereo, opening Monday at the Albion in South Beach. This is from Haven’s bartender extraordinaire, Isaac Grillo. The guy behind those liquid-nitro martinis you’ve sampled. Here, though, he’s taken over the old Drogerie space with something a bit more homespun. Tea. Jam. Pour-your-own drinks."


According to Miami.com :

"Transforming the space, formerly a sophisticated “medicinal cocktail bar” known as Drogerie, from ultra-luxe to laidback was a priority for Grillo and his team. But make no mistake, this is not a blithe disregard for Miami’s elevated cocktail scene. Grillo sees it as more of an evolution. The back-to-basics philosophy is sweeping through the culinary and bar scene around the world, and it’s a trend that ultimately gives the cocktail lover more options for imbibing.  Repour, like some of its popular counterparts in town, is equipped with a garden featuring fresh herbs like spicy basil, pineapple sage and chocolate mint for an eclectic array of cocktails that will rotate. There are also plans to grow and expand the garden offerings as the bar grows in the coming months." written by Galena Mosovich.


According to New Times :

"In addition to that special cocktail, Repour will feature a tea service with cold tea cocktails for two, served in kettles alongside Grillo's mother's teacups and saucers. Accompanying this boozy tea will be liquor jams. "Right now on my shelf I have a strawberry ginger with AfroHead rum and Root liquor, and a mixed berry with Campari and sweet vermouth." Ice is an important component of a well-made cocktail, and the mixologist will explore interesting ways to cool your drink, including using a sphere of coconut water in a glass of AfroHead XO rum and using Colorado river rocks to chill fine spirits. Grillo says the rocks are 'like whiskey stones but in their raw form and will be frozen to take the place of ice cubes in our stirred cocktails from the garden.'" written by Laine Doss.


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Brickell found themself a new addition to their japanese gourmet. Momi Ramen crew opens the Momi Gyoza Bar at Brickell. Momi Gyoza Bar is a Japanese pub with wooden planks on the wall, Edison bulbs in glass milk bottles and white billowing curtains trying their best to contain the sound of bubbling hot pots and the clinking of celebratory beer. Here is more information about Momi Gyoza Bar :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Momi Gyoza Bar, a simple little izakaya with a knack for making gyoza and pouring cold and plentiful sake, soft-open now in Brickell. This is in the former Rosinella spot. That was nice while it lasted. But now the Momi Ramen crew has transformed the space into the city’s first gyoza bar. Come here with a group of friends who have an appreciation for dumplings and sake. Go to the counter, place your order and take your numbered torch to one of three communal tables. There’s more than enough room there to house pork belly gyoza, chicken-heart hot-pot rice and plates of wasabi-pork shumai."


According to Yelp :

"For some reason, dumplings are popular. All the foodie and travel shows seem to be showcasing dumplings in almost every episode. In Miami, you find different types of dumplings: in Chinese wonton soup, gyozas at Japanese restaurants, and American fusion restaurants that love to fill dumplings with crispy duck or oxtail, to be exotic. But nobody really cares about dumplings, or the dumpling culture for that matter, until television brings it to your attention.

To say that you have a great place for dumplings is probably the strangest thing you can say. I've never heard anyone complimenting a great wonton soup, or great gyozas instead of sushi. We just don't do dumplings. But if you love Asian cuisine, watch food shows, or attempt to cook Asian food, you will eventually run into this unknown. Where can I find some good dumplings?

And here comes Momi Gyoza.Part of Momi Ramen, this gyoza shop is pretty big. It is the most ambitious incarnation from the Momi group. Very spacious, modern, with lots of light and glass, Momi Gyoza is a cool place. And the gyozas are. The menu offers gyozas and dumplings, along with ramen, soups, and other appetizers." written by Julio H (4 stars).


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Ever wandered around your neighborhood and stumbled across a hidden gem that you never knew existed? Maybe you stepped inside to ask for directions, or to grab a quick cool drink after a long day in the sun and just like that, you were hooked! Wunderbar is that epic find that not only charms hotel guests, but locals alike. Stop for one and end up staying for hours, leave with fun memories, a new craft cocktail recipe, new friends and a sense of belonging to this magical city that we call home.

Offering up an authentic taste of Miami’s cultural melting pot, Wunderbar is dedicated to providing quality and craftsmanship. Whimsical and seasonal, our masterfully mixed cocktails are full of color and personality and our vibe is warm and unpretentious. Using fresh ingredients and passion, bright flavors from around the world and vibrant presentation, we showcase well-crafted spirits, with a focus on rum – the flavor of the tropics. Here is more information about Wunder Bar :


According to Eater :

"The laid back hotel lobby bar, which opens to the public on Friday, December 12, will feature classic, approachable cocktails that have a global twist to them, according to Nelson. Rum will be the star of the menu with more than 60 type to choose from with entire section dedicated to them dubbed Rum in the Raw, served in natural drinking vessels like hollowed out green coconuts and pineapples. As for the tea cocktails that Nelson has created a cult following around town? Those are coming back too with her Moroccan Tea Service that can serve 2, 4 or 6 people. Served in a silver plated tea pot the drink is made with a blend Avua Cachaca, mint green tea, raw ras el hanout, infused orange blossom honey, bitters and a side of rose water spray to mist into your drink -- so you can summon your inner swanky bartender." written by Olee Fowler.


According to Urban Daddy :

" Cricket Nelson. You might’ve enjoyed a few of her drinks over at the Broken Shaker. And you may have heard that she ventured off somewhere new. Well, this is that place. Round up a few friends next week for an after-work thing here. And if they don’t like rum, we strongly recommend you reconsider the word “friend.” Because that’s the focus of this little Key West–style bungalow. The kind of spot you’ll kick back in with a tequila-tropical-fruit-and-chili-laced Jalisco Negroni."


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Brickell gets their first pop up bar as a new addition. It's called Better Days. It's located on the ground floor of the 500 Brickell Building within a Thrift Shop. Better Days will bring a fresh look at craft cocktails, beers, & American kitsch. It will have it's grand open party this Friday, August 8th. More information about Better Days :


According to Miami.com :

"Once you arrive at Better Days, you'll find the dead flamingo logo, vintage furniture and materials in a living room-style setting with a few TVs, pool tables, and a DJ booth/stage for live performances. Better Days, open daily from 5 p.m. - 5 a.m., features a revolving menu of craft cocktails and beers, including two simple day changers, the Paloma and the Michelada. Both are popular Mexican refreshments lauded for their thirst-quenching properites. The Paloma is a tequila-based drink with fresh grapefruit juice, lime, and soda water and the Michelada is cerveza spiked with lime juice, spices, peppers, and served in a salt-rimmed pint glass." written by Galena Mosovich.


According to Eater :

"The idea to Better Days was inspired by an image I'd collected about a man in various stages of his life and the happiness he'd shared in those four images with friends and family. Many folks tend to hold on to the past as their best days while also looking to the future for more, when some of our better days are the ones we are living now. As for why he chose Miami for own project, Schott raves, Miami is at the forefront of culture, arts, music, and cool and there's no better place to try to drive a stake into than the epicenter of it all. Promising fine drinks at fair prices, the bar will serve up a revolving menu of craft cocktails and beers, often on special for Brickell residents." written by Ana Heretoiu.


According to Yelp, by Tina V (4 stars) :

"Pretty small chill bar with a loungy feel. Plenty of couches and booths. A small wrap around bar. It kind of reminds me of those hip brewery lounges in San Diego, CA minus the high price. Well actually more like a high class biker bar. Right now its their soft opening and prices are decent for Brickell area. $6-$7 for specialty beer and $8 to $10 for cocktails. Music is alternative rock to alternative hip hop and R&B. Overall a like for me but I wont know how I really feel until I come back a few more times."


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The Mighty Miami, a casual take on the classic neighborhood bar and eatery, featuring house-made sausages and a contemporary mix of American staples along with craft beer and stiff libations served in a comfortable environment. They've just open last May 16th in Coral Gables. The current menu serves up a selection of finely crafted sausages and sandwiches, fresh-cut fries, tasty salads, and more. The Mighty boasts an ample collection of premium craft spirits and beer (domestic & imported), on tap and in bottles. Here is more information about The Mighty :


According to Eater :

"Ryan and Esti Brooks, the duo behind the pub says, it took us a bit to tweak the recipes and get everything right, as we do make everything in our own kitchen, adding that we're not just grinding and stuffing sausages, we're also pickling, curing sauerkraut, grinding our own spices, and as of last week, successfully smoking our own bacon. Putting everything together on their own was also probably time consuming. Esti notes a lot of The Mighty's making was a DIY project, we took the 'craft' thing so seriously, we even made our own rosewood charcuterie boards, tables and cabinetry from scratch." written by Ana Heretoiu.


According to NewTimes :

"The beer selection is everything a craftie would appreciate: sour beers, barrel-aged beers, and beers that are hard to find in South Florida. But the Mighty is not just a craft beer bar. It's also a place for a stiff drink and juicy sausages. Craft beer is kind of a burgeoning thing here, but I also want to sell tequila, Ryan Brooks says. Ryan Brooks wants the Mighty to be a destination for craft cocktails, but it will not necessarily be a mixology bar, although cocktail ingredients such as juice will be freshly squeezed."  written by David Minsky.


According to Urban Daddy :

"This place is like a modern version of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Think elegantly simple, clean retro lines, polished concrete floors and 34 feet of repurposed rosewood bar. Oh, and instead of coffee, they have 11 taps of specialty brews and house-cured bacon. Anyway... Come here after work for some Sweet Action—that would be the part pale ale/part wheat beer on tap. Obviously. Bring your beer and duck sausage to the back, where you’ll find a pool table with a small but intimidating black-and-white of Dirty Harry. Slop is literally frowned upon here. Or show up with a date for a laid-back evening in a deep red leather banquette. Start with a platter of wild-boar salami, then wash it down with a couple dirty martinis or 22-ounce bottles of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous."


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Craft beers lovers will have a new haven this month when KUSH opens in Wynwood at 2003 N. Miami Ave. The repertoire is slated to have 18 taps, one nitro tap, a cask, as well as an aged and reserve bottle list.


The food will be prepared with the same philosophy and commitment to the environment as the always-packed burger joint LoKal in Coconut Grove. That means everything is fresh from Florida.


All ingredients are sourced from farms across the state and all items are made from scratch, including the ketchup and the key lime pie. The beef for the burgers comes from a farm in Central Florida where the Kobe-style cattle is grass-fed on a free range.


In an effort to fit in to the art-centric neighborhood, KUSH's walls will showcase works by popular local artists including Camilo Rojas and G-Wiz with a wheat paste painting honoring Purvis Young.

Here's sneak peek at the craft beer list to come at KUSH:
Dubhe from Uinta Brewing Company
Prairie Ale 
Cigar City Hotter Than Helles Lager
Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA
Celebrator Doppelbock
Due South Cafe Ole
Funky Buddha Crusher from Funky Buddha Brewery 
Victory Dirt Wolf
Mikkeller & Evin Twin Brewing - rotating list
Wynwood Brewing Company - rotating list
Rotating nitro line
Local tap - a rotating list of beers from North Florida

Highlights to look for at the opening:
Mikkeller Rauch Beer Geek Breakfast
Black Berry Albert by De Struise Brouwers
Tart of Darkness by The Bruery
Black Damnation III
Ten FIDY by Oskar Blues



Source : Galena Mosovich | galenascott@gmail.com
A bunch of Colombians walk into a bar.

No—scratch that.

A bunch of Colombians open a bar.

Which makes for a much more promising night.

Because Barú Urbano, that crazy artsy enclave of fried Colombian foodstuffs and caipirinhas, is spreading its wings to Midtown and is slated to open next week.


Here's what you need to know about their latest digs...


It looks like the old Ricochet space.

Well, because it is. They've commandeered the 3,000-square-foot area left vacant by the gilded cocktailery. The gold-and-purple marble bar: still there. But now there's a bunch of neon-splashed street art, mismatched armchairs and funky sculptures thrown into the mix.


Speaking of which, the Statue of Liberty holds court here.

Except she's holding a glowing pineapple instead of a torch. And wearing a polka-dot toga. It's what vacationing monuments do.


They serve queso fundido... with plantains.

Yep. There's bubbling pots of the stuff with fried green plantains for dipping. Stake your claim on some of those, along with the fried pork rinds with guac. Clearly, it's going to be a "light" day.


There's pitchers. Glorious, alcohol-filled pitchers.

Of mojitos, caipirinhas and sangria. Take your pick. They've also got refajo—that's a blend of beer and Colombiana, a South American champagne soda.

Go crazy popping tabs.



Source : Urban Daddy

Brickell, Miami Information

The folks from Foxhole are feverishly working on their next drinking hole in South Beach. Make no mistake; the new bar is not for alley cats. Public House is more upscale, catering to the sophisticated residents living in the chic South of Fifth neighborhood.


Partners Angel Febres, Conrad Gomez and Jason Cochran closed Love Hate (423 Washington Ave.) earlier this month to start the reincarnation of the charming space. Renovations are underway to transform it from dirty dive to perfectly-designed, introducing a 1960s surf culture vibe. Think vintage Southern California with a twist of contemporary: weathered wood bookshelves and paneling, reclaimed brick, antique surfboards, Serape-covered banquets (Mexican blankets), Spanish tile work, HD TVs, and a pool table.


With music low enough for conversation, a smoke-free environment, and plenty of seating, their goal is to provide a space for meaningful connections without the typical distractions in party town.


Public House will offer a classic cocktail list ($10 - $12), featuring fresh ingredients and a well-rounded selection of spirits as well as craft beers on draught ($5). For the basic beer drinker, domestic brands will be available.


The partners say you can't have a neighborhood bar if you go one day and it's closed. They want Public House to be the start and the end of the night for regulars.

Hours: 5 p.m. – 5 a.m. daily.

Rules: No club music and no smoking.



Source : Galena Mosovich | Miami.com

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Today, a toast.

Here's to you.

Here's to us.

And to a new bar in Brickell...

With tequila cocktails.


Raise your glass to w xyz bar, your new neon-lit home for workday-concluding beverages, now open in Aloft Miami-Brickell.

No, you're not coming here to compete in some weird consonants-only spelling bee. Instead, you'll use this purple-hued nook at the new Aloft hotel as a jumping-off point for the rest of the night. It's the kind of place where you swing by after work, partake in an adult libation or four and see where the night takes you. Even if it's just... upstairs. (No judgment.)

After closing up at the office, consider winding down in one of the aluminum bar seats or nestled into the oversize banquette in the lounge. Order a Panamanian Ponche (tequila, lime, cucumber). Grab a quick bite (like sandwiches and Ben & Jerry's ice cream) from the adjacent snack bar. Maybe catch some live music. Then, grab another drink.

But on a clear, balmy night, you'll want to take your beer to the spacious outdoor terrace. It's got long, cushy banquettes and neon-colored cubes for resting your pint.

Or finding your way back to your seat.



Source : Urban Daddy

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