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Guayaba y Chocolate is a dream. The dream of Alejandra Bigai, a Venezuelan-American chocolate maker consistently ranked amongst the top US small gourmet chocolatiers, and her social anthropologist cousin María Waleska. Guayaba y Chocolate is also an adventure that has taken both girls on a discovery journey into the everyday flavors of Miami. Behind every chocolate, behind every piece of candy and macaron there is wonder at the explosive diversity of this city, at the trajectories of the men and women who inhabit it and, most of all, the fantastic way in which culture and gastronomy blend to produce the richest flavors and the tastiest sensory experiences. At the heart of their business is, of course, chocolate. Their bonbons are hand made everyday at the production facility of Romanicos Chocolate, their mother brand. They sell only high quality confections made in small batches with the best ingredients available and our chocolate bars are gluten free, lactose free and suitable for either vegans or vegetarians. Guayaba y Chocolate opens at 1603 SW 8th St. Here is more infomation about Guayaba y Chocolate :


According to New Times :

"The shop is minimalistic in style to better showcase the variety of sweet treats inside. The idea to open a store in the area has been brewing in Bigai's head for seven years, and this was actually her fifth attempt at doing so. When a friend tipped her off that an antique store was closing in the center of la pequeña Habana, she jumped at the opportunity to call the space her own. The shop features bonbons, truffles, dry fruits, bark chocolate, and cookies. Flavor profiles also expand on regular milk chocolate with twists like guava and cream cheese, pistachio and honey, cayenne pepper, and passionfruit. Prices range from $1.50 to $31.60." written by Christian Portilla.


According to Yelp :

"You can buy chocolates by the piece, or in box sets (as with most chocolate shops). The nice thing about these boxes is that they have distinct 'themes'.  For example, one -- decorated with marine fish on the box and on the chocolates themselves -- are filled with tropical fruit centers. The other, 'Nostalgia Habanera' comes in a box vaguely reminiscent of a cigar box and inside features guava and cheese filled chocolates shaped like dominos, as well as coffee chocolate confections. The shop has limited seating (although there is a place to sit for two near the door). They also have macarons and other sweets. As mentioned, a key item is that the chocolate is produced by the owner, so this isn't a place that is just reselling chocolate you can find just anywhere. And you can tell she takes great pride in her chocolate, as the quality is very good." written by Ian (rates 5 stars).


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Chocolate. No introduction needed.


Saffron-infused ganaches—well, we'll see if we can arrange a meeting...


Shake hands with Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine, a cozy nook stocked with handmade saffron-laced bonbons and hard-to-find vino, now open in Buena Vista.

We've taken the liberty of breaking down the info into three ways you might want to approach this place...




For a gift with a royal pedigree.

Meet the owner, Claude (he also runs the bistro and bakery next door). His family's been making chocolate for seven generations using old French recipes. Back in the day, they even made them for the royal family of France. If it's good enough for the queen, it's good enough for... anyone on your list.




For the casual romantic gesture.

In case you missed the memo, dates like chocolates. A small box of them might be a good move. Here they've got about 20 handmade ones for you to choose from. Think: curry, lavender and, yes, saffron bonbons—clearly, the sexiest of the bonbons.




For... instant gratification.

Outside, you'll find a patio with a handful of tables and chairs. If you're thinking that might be a nice spot to test-drive one of those saffron chocolates with a glass of Bordeaux, well, you're right.

Okay, probably more like all of them.



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