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Miami will never experience Mexican cuisine the same after visiting OLLA (pronounced oi-ya). OLLA will celebrate the authenticity of Mexican roots and feature the diverse regional cuisines from Oaxaca to Puebla, Yucatan to Veracruz, and beyond while also using modern techniques and global influences. The meaning behind OLLA translates to a ceramic jar used for cooking where dishes will be served in shareable bowls for a family style experience. Here is more information about OLLA :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Chef Scott Linquist of taco wunderkinds Dos Caminos and Coyo is behind this one. He’s carved out a modest little spot on the locals end of Lincoln Road (which would be south, incidentally). Wood beam ceilings. Polished concrete floors. A large landscape mural inspired by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. That type of vibe. Walking in, you’ll find a long communal table. It’s a good place to find yourself after a long night. Mostly because the place is open until 5am. But also because of the pots of simmering menudo, the barbacoa lamb shoulder and the roasted pig cooked Yucatan-style you’ll have to choose from. Decisions are hard. And since you’ll be parched (you’ll be parched), there’s a full bar pouring sangritas, micheladas and margaritas into the wee hours." written by Jackie Gutierrez-Jones.


According to Eater :

"Scott Linquist — the man behind the popular taqueria, Coyo — is proving his Mexican cooking chops are much more vast than just tacos. Enter Olla (pronounced oi-ya) debuting on Lincoln Road this week. Named after the the ceramic jar used for cooking in Mexican cuisine, it promises to serve up "diverse regional cuisines from Oaxaca to Puebla, Yucatan to Veracruz, and beyond.” The expansive menu created by Linquist features a variety of small and large plates. On the smaller end are items like guacamole prepared table side, crudos, chapulines, and a Mexican Caesar salad. On the larger end expect a variety of moles sauces and protein-filled dishes made with everything from cuttlefish, to lamb shoulder to roasted pig, with plenty served “a la olla.” The beverage program highlights small batch spirits featuring a variety of tequila and mezcal alongside eclectic selections of wine and beer from Mexican and local brewers, plus a selection of cocktails." written by Olee Fowler.


According Food For Thoughts :

"The menu leads off with several "tarros," or jars, with a variety of different layered compositions inside. You hear so often these days about dishes "designed for sharing," when they are really nothing of the sort – either a few measly bites, invariably in a number not divisible by the number of diners at the table, or something so preciously constructed as to be impossible to split. These tarros are truly designed for sharing, and do it well. The "remolacha" has cubes of garnet and golden beets nestled over a walnut cream, topped with jewel-like pomegranate seeds and toasted walnuts, served with spears of pale endive. Scoop some into an endive spear; crunch; repeat. I liked how the combination of walnut and pomegranate echoed the traditional toppings for that chiles en nogada dish ingrained in my memory so many years ago."


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Tocaya Organica is part of a movement of restaurants, farms, ranches and markets changing the way people think about and experience food. Our partnerships and commitment to sourcing whole food ingredients represents a fresh take on an industry that has long suffered from over-processed, unhealthy choices. We implement these ideals and positive environmental practices as we open new locations in great neighborhoods. Our business model represents the bridge between our flagship restaurant, Toca Madera in West Hollywood, CA and a convenient, healthy everyday restaurant focused on modern Mexican cuisine. Organic ingredients, farm-fed and free-range meats, sustainable seafood, and a full separate vegan menu are the backbone of the Toca Madera brand and with Tocaya we have brought all of these same values into a concept built around simplicity and accessibility.

Great Mexican food should not only taste great, it should utilize healthy ingredients sourced from sustainable environments. We found the right ranchers, the right partners, the right ingredients and got to work. What has followed since is a lifestyle, a menu revolution, a demand for better eating and a positive carbon imprint down to every last detail – it is our responsibility. We get it. We live it.

With an emphasis on bold flavor profiles, Tocaya Organica offers salads, tacos, bowls, burritos and wraps handmade daily by a chef-trained team. Combining modern flavors with the traditional ingredients that influenced early Mexican food – cacao, papaya, jicama, and chiles come together with tamarind, cilantro, and tomatoes to create taste combinations that infuse bold flavors into chicken, turkey, beef, fish, and vegetarian & Vegan dishes.

Made-from-scratch sauces, salsas, and dressings such as chipotle-lime sauce and grilled pineapple salsa are made fresh on site every morning with fresh produce, herbs, and spices.

Underscoring our commitment to serving natural and sustainable ingredients, Tocaya Organica procures meat that is fresh and never frozen, and is 100% percent free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. Organic produce is sourced locally whenever possible. Here is more information about Tocaya Organica:


According to Urban Daddy :

"Remember 920 Grill? No? Anyway, this is where that was. Smack-dab in the middle of Lincoln Road. But things look considerably different from its Argentine predecessor. A lot of gleaming white subway tile and marble. Chevron wood walls. A bar. The bar part is comforting. They’ve got all the stuff you’d typically expect from a fine Mexican establishment—tacos, burritos, tamales, guac. But as the name implies, they’re putting a healthier spin on things via organic everything, sustainable everything... you get it. Basically, your chicken tinga tacos and carne-asada-stuffed burritos are pre-South-Beach-shenanigans-approved. Margaritas and micheladas: check. A churro waffle sandwich filled with salted caramel ice cream: of course. They also serve lunch, if you’re into lunch. What a world." written by Jackie Gutierrez-Jones.


According to Miami.com :

"Miami Beach club guy Chris Paciello and partner Mio Danilovic are opening Tocaya Organica, a modern organic Mexican concept hailing from Los Angeles, tomorrow, December 9, on Lincoln Road. “I’ve lived in Miami Beach for over a decade, and have felt a void when it comes to authentic and healthy Mexican restaurants.” said Paciello, who, along with Danilovic also owns Rockwell nightclub. “As a health-conscious eater in a city that values wellness, when I came across this concept, I was sure it would be a hit in Miami.” The chainlet boasts “a commitment to sourcing whole food organic ingredients, farm-fed and free-range meats, sustainable seafood, and a full separate vegan menu.” Made-from-scratch sauces, salsas, and dressings such as chipotle-lime sauce and grilled pineapple salsa are made fresh on site every morning with fresh produce, herbs, and spices. Tocaya Organica procures meat that is fresh and never frozen, and is 100% percent free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. Organic produce is sourced locally whenever possible. The restaurant will be is open from 11 a.m.- midnight Sunday-Thursday and from 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. " written by Lesley Abravanel.


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The 24 Hour Bistro that has enchanted over a million visitors for the past 10 years, is now finally opening in Miami, to become one of the nicest spot on Miami Beach. It's opening at 2200 Collins Ave. Here is more information about Paris 6 Bistro Miami :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Yes, you could technically spend a full 24 hours here. And should you ever decide to entertain that somewhat horrifying notion, here’s what it might look like: 9am: Order the croque monsieur and a cup of coffee amid damask-covered walls, chandeliers and paintings by Brazilian artist Flavio Rossi. Note the uncanny likeness to scenes from Midnight in Paris. Moving on. 1:30pm: It’s time for octopus sautéed in olive oil and garlic. And maybe a beer. Definitely a beer. 8pm: If you’re flying solo, grab a stool at the ornate green bar and go with something classic and bourbon-y. If a date is involved, the corner of the tufted red banquette is a strategic call. So is a bottle of wine from the cellar and the Risotto au Ragout d’Osso Buco au Safran Hommage a Nelson Freitas. Just... focus on the risotto and osso buco. 4am: See 9am." written by JACKIE GUTIERREZ-JONES.


According to Haute Living :

"Revelers rejoice. Starting Thursday, October 24th there will be an amazing new 24-hour brasserie on Collins Avenue named Paris 6. Conveniently located right the at the intersection of three of Miami’s best clubs and hotels, the all hours-resto will serve both French cuisine and favorite dishes from around the world. The concept comes to Miami Beach straight from Brazil, where owner Isaac Azar opened the first one in 2006. His inspiration was the storied bistros of the sixth Arrondissement in Paris such as Café de Flore and Brassérie Lipp. To add another unexpected international another twist, the chef behind dishes like Risotto au Ragout d’Osso Bucco and Escargots a la Bourguignonne is a Venezuelan-born, Spanish-trained chef named Atilio Padra. The menu is a vast array spanning three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and whatever comes in the wee hours in between. Imagine Croque Monsieurs, grand salads, burgers as well as a selection of cakes including the “patented” grand gateau dreamed up by Azar himself." written by HADLEY HENRIETTE.


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Menin Hospitality introduces its latest addition to its Collection, Halves & Wholes (H&W). The elevated fast-casual sandwich shop is located at 1600 Alton Road across from Menin’s Bodega Taqueria y Tequila and soon-to open Ricky’s. Led by Menin Hospitality’s Corporate Culinary Director, Chef Bernie Matz, H&W offers classic sandwiches with a Miami twist. Inspired by classic sandwiches and shops across the country, Chef Matz showcases “12 Best” sandwiches along with a custom sandwich option for guests to let their wildest sandwich dreams come true. Each sandwich is an experience in and of itself, loaded with meats roasted in-house using a vertical broiler, artisanal cheeses and secret homemade sauces. Holding the sandwiches together is a selection of custom-baked breads shipped daily from the famous Delray Beach bakery, Old School. The 36 seat café is also serving up soups, salads, homemade chips, ice cream sandwiches and daily specials presented on a nearby blackboard. To accompany it all is a full list of local craft beers from MIA Brewing Co. and Funky Buddha Brewery, Flip Flop Wines’ Fizzy Sangria and soft drinks. Here is more information about Halves & Wholes :


According to Miami Culinary Tours :

"Menu highlights include the Cheese Steak shaved rib eye, jalapeno jack whiz, provolone, sofrito, crispy onions, sesame baguette; The Fritaloaf chorizo meatloaf, habanero jack, arugula, tomato, potato sticks, garlic parm aioli; and the Pan con Italian Beef short rib, charred onions, provolone, giardenara, potato sticks, cumin-garlic aioli, sesame baguette. In addition to the “12 Best” sandwiches, daily specials will enhance the menu and introduce new limited-run creations.  H & W will also offer a small selection of soups, salads and homemade ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. H & W’s impressive beverage list will include local craft beers from MIA Brewing Co. and Funky Buddha Brewery, Flip Flop Wines’ Fizzy Sangria and soft drinks."


According to Urban Daddy :

"Feels like one of those classic sandwich shops they’ve got up in the Northeast. You’ll see white tile, hammered-tin ceiling panels, butcher block walls and vintage deli cases. But you’re not here for the decor. You’re here for one of their “12 best” sandwiches loaded with meats roasted in a vertical broiler and secret homemade sauces. Like the CheeseSteak, filled with shaved ribeye, provolone, sofrito and jalapeño jack whiz (think Cheez Whiz’s Bal Harbour cousin). You can peruse the other 11 options right over here. Basically, it’s the kind of stuff you’ll want to pair with a beer or an ice cream sandwich at 4am. Which is good, because they’ll be open until 5am every day of the week. But they’ve also got a “picnic like a pro” option where you can mix and match a six-pack of beer and take it with a bunch of sandwiches to go." written by Jackie Gutierrez-Jones.


According to Eater :

"On the menu are 12 different sandwiches created by chef Bernie Matz like a cheese steak made with shaved rib eye, jalapeno jack whiz, provolone, sofrito, and crispy onions; "The Fritaloaf" that is created with chorizo meatloaf, habanero jack, arugula, tomato, potato sticks and garlic parm aioli; and the "Pan con Italian Beef" that is filled with short rib, charred onions, provolone, giardenara, potato sticks, and cumin-garlic aioli. If you don’t like any of the 12 options, you can choose to create-your-own sandwich instead. Halves and Wholes will also serve up a small selection of soups, salads and homemade ice cream sandwiches and sundaes, with to-go and delivery available." written by Olee Fowler.


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15 Jul

FIME 2016

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As the medical industry gears up for the popular FIME Exhibition & Congress which is set to take place from 2-4 August 2016 in Miami Beach Convention Centre in Miami, Florida, U.S., regular attendees and newcomers alike are excited by the prospect of a ‘new’ FIME under new management.

FIME, which attracts more than 20,000 attendees from across North, Central and South America, will be run by Informa’s Life Sciences Exhibitions Division which operates 26 exhibitions and more than 100 conferences yearly covering African, Middle Eastern, European and Asian markets. The largest of these is the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; the second largest healthcare trade show in the world.

According to Simon Page, Managing Director, Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions: “The recent acquisition of FIME fits in firmly with our goal of expanding our international trade show operations in the region and with our existing portfolio of life sciences events across the globe. FIME will generate substantial value for our customers and partners by driving further product innovation and deeper engagement in these specific markets and it will send a positive message on the strength of commercial value opportunities within the medical device industry as a whole.”

While FIME’s primary focus will remain across four specific industry sectors - medical technology, medical products & supplies, medical services, and medical equipment – the new format and structure of the trade show means that attendees will be offered enhanced opportunities discover the latest medical technologies and cutting-edge devices from across the globe. With 38 participating countries, the international scope of the event is apparent with visitors able to source products and medical services from across all continents. The Dealers & Distributors Wall, an area dedicated to facilitating business relationships between visitors and exhibitors, will be a welcomed addition to the show as trade show visitors increasingly look for ways to fast-track their communications channels to deal more directly with exhibitors.

Under Informa’s stewardship, FIME will now offer a multi-speciality workshop programme in line with Informa’s motto of ‘Exhibition with Education’ providing an unrivalled knowledge-sharing and business networking platform for healthcare trade professionals in the region. The seminar agenda will focus on rules and regulations governing medical devices in the U.S. and Latin America, as well as U.S. FDA compliance procedures, import and export processes, and the challenges of dealers and distributors entering the U.S. medical devices market.

The workshop programme is designed to offer practical advice on how to position your business at the forefront of the healthcare industry through creating sustainable supply chains, powerhouse management strategies, empowering your workforce, better project management and leveraging digital marketing to enable your business to thrive.

Commenting on the importance of combining business opportunities with actionable skills through education, Page says “We identified that FIME attendees would benefit from the addition of a strategic workshop programme that would give them the right tools to be confident about their business strategy for expansion and to have a clear understanding on the business trends that will ultimately shape their business.”

Some of the key speakers addressing the audience of c-suit executives, government officials, hospital management, clinicians, technicians and business development professionals include Richard Vincins, Vice President of QA/RA, Emergo, USA; Shelly Garg, Attorney - FDA Practice Group, Sandler, Travis and Rosenberg, USA; Divya Khullar, Managing Partner, www.USAPatents.com, USA; Maggie Morales-Perez, President & CEO, Healthcare International Partners, USA; Juliana Negrini and Nathalia Medina, Vera Rosas Group, Brazil; and Lucas Rodrigues, Passarini Consulting, Mexico.

Please click here to register online.


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Funkshion Productions is excited to announce that Swim Fashion Week will once again heat up Miami Beach from July 13 – 17, 2016. A year after taking over the production of the hottest swimwear shows, Funkshion continues to present the exclusive tent venue of the runway shows for swim week.

“This season is especially important as we evolve Swim Fashion Week to showcase the brightest talent in the industry today,” said Sale Stojanovic, partner and co-founder of Funkshion Productions. “Designers from all over the globe are choosing to showcase their brands in Miami Beach because of the growth of the trade shows and media focus. That has inspired us to innovate and offer the most creative options for the brands to tell their stories. This is the future of the industry and we are thrilled to be able to continue to bring the energy and excitement back another year.”


FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach is a four day/evening long event that provides an intelligent, innovative platform for progressive, established, and emerging designers to showcase their collections to media, celebrities, international buyers, and select style makers. The shows are geared towards designer diffusion collections and innovative lifestyle brands. Designers will integrate music into their shows, many personally selecting their favorite celebrity DJs to preside over their runway spectacles.

Fashion Week Miami Beach celebrates its 13th season this October! The state of the art fashion runways will
be built at the Setai Hotel as well as the world famous Bass Museum of Art (both on Collins Ave). The Bass Museum of Art venue features a very unique space with a large courtyard for sponsor activations, gifting and accessories showcase.

As with every season, FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach supports new and emerging designers with our Emerging Designers Award. The panel of judges is made up of media elite, trade industry VIP's, designers, celebrities and members of Fashion Group International. Fashion Group International will award a winner this prestigious honor along with the opportunity
to showcase its designs at Funkshion: Fashion Week Milan in Italy. Fashion Group Emerging Designers Competition will be presented by Nespresso.


Here is the schedule that's open for public and you can RSVP from HERE :

Wednesday, July 16th, 9 PM : Peroni Emerging Designer Series presented by Fashion Group International Presenting ten finalist showcasing their Italian inspired Designs

Wednesday, July 16th, 10 PM : Kim Ngyuen Winner 2013

Thursday, July 17th, 9 PM : Barraca Chic

Thursday, July 17th, 10 PM : After Party hosted by F Vodka

Saturday, July 19th, 9 PM : OMG Miami Swimwear

Saturday, July 19th, 10 PM : Soah Swim

Saturday, July 19th, 11 PM : After Party hosted by F Vodka




LE Miami is the world's first event to reflect shift in Luxury. Traditional luxury belongs to the past. LE Miami is the catalyst for the next evolution of travel. We call it definition by style.

In the last 20 years, a new charge of creative, design-led and community-integrated ‘lifestyle’ hotels have transformed the travel industry. The emergence of the new ‘creative class’, representing 30% of the Western workforce and growing by 7% every year, has driven a demand for travel products that are unique, culturally connected and bespoke.

Consequently, the contemporary definition of luxury isn’t about money. It’s about creating an inimitable experience based on style, space, wellbeing, content, design, authenticity, storytelling, urbanity and innovation. The future belongs to the pioneers with the capacity and bravery to act on this cultural shift first.

LE Miami’s purpose is to identify and unite these travel rebels by connecting influential buyers representing this creative class clientele with the edgiest international travel brands.

Our Limited Edition collective meets in Miami annually for our fiercely business-driven yet passionately festival-like event. Across four days there are up to 45 pre-scheduled appointments with relevant individuals. However, we curate both our crowd and our scene to go beyond the average trade show, transforming our conference into a Ministry of Ideas; networking events into electric parties; and dull plasterboard booths into a revolutionary show space.

Idiosyncratic, eclectic and increasingly iconic, LE Miami’s namesake and host city is as Limited Edition as the event itself. Miami’s patchwork of clashing neighbourhoods meld into an emerging international hub for creativity – and make it the natural setting for the world’s only event to connect the high-end contemporary travel industry with the creative class.

LE Miami takes place in the Miami Beach Convention Centre – the host of other important events such as Art Basel, and a striking example of South Beach’s iconic Art Deco architecture. The LE Miami 2016 runs at June 6th - June 9th.

Not being your standard trade show, we’ve conceived an environment that reflects the rebellious, inventive spirit of the creative class. Taking our cues from the world of art, fashion, music and design, LE Miami fuses exhibitor stands with spaces to network and be inspired, including a DJ booth, bar, art installations and big screens.

Miami Beach Gay Pride is an extraordinary three-day event that features a Beach Party and a Festival & Parade with more than 125 LGBT-friendly vendors and businesses, exciting celebrities, musical performances, refreshments, food and a family-friendly play area.

Since its inception in 2009, Miami Beach Gay Pride has grown from a neighborhood event to an event on the global stage with A-list celebrities such as Mario Lopez as Grand Marshal in 2015, Gloria Estefan as Grand Marshal in 2014 and Adam Lambert performing in 2013. Attendance has grown as well. An estimated 15,000 spectators turned out for the first Pride parade in 2009; an estimated 130,000 attended the event in 2015, which attracted not only South Floridians, but also visitors from throughout the world. In addition to Parade spectators, last April’s event included more than 65 parade contingencies, 35 floats and 2,700 participants.


The mission of Miami Beach Gay Pride is to bring together members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, their friends, allies, and supporters in celebration of the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQ community. Miami Beach Gay Pride organizes free, safe, quality, mass-appeal events that are open to all, including the annual parade and festival, which features community booths and expo areas, stages with entertainment, food and drink vendors and family-safe play areas. Additionally, Miami Beach Gay Pride produces educational, cultural and entertainment events and activities throughout the year and sanctions official Pride-related events in order to create a truly celebratory experience for the whole community.

This year event date is April 8-10, 2015. Miami Beach Gay Pride 2016 is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners and Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority.


Full Schedule Event, click HERE for tickets :















Apr 10th, 9:30 PM : MEN MUSIC FASHION



Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.

Opens Los Fuegos at Faena Hotel Miami Beach, born from a passion for the ancient art of South American live-fire cooking, Argentine grillmaster Francis Mallmann creates a contemporary asado experience with an open-fire kitchen, local ingredients and a gaucho’s touch to transform traditional rustic recipes into sophisticated, savory dishes. Here is more information about Los Fuegos :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Pop in with a group and take your places among the rich red-and-gold tapestries, the glowing pineapple lanterns and the airy poolside veranda. Your first play: the Smoke and Sparks with reposado tequila, jalapeño and flaming salt. Which’ll set the tone for all the smoky goodness heading your way—prime-fillet-stuffed empanadas from the wood oven, Wagyu from the open fire grill and whole Maine lobster a la plancha. That open fire grill and kitchen is right by the patio entrance, and if you ask nicely, they’ll take you inside to oversee all of the prepping and grilling action. Though quietly observing would probably make more sense."


According to NBCNews :

"You imagine you'll know the moment chef Francis Mallmann arrives in your city - maybe the shadow of flickering flames will light up the night or the pleasantly acrid scent of burning quebracho hardwood will fill the air. The acclaimed Latin American chef known for his dramatic open-fire cooking has just opened his first U.S. restaurant, Los Fuegos, at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, speciaizing in contemporary Argentinian cuisine. Highly regarded in South America for his top tier, destination restaurants in Argentina and Uruguay and extensive work in television, Mallmann is best known in the United States for the James Beard award-winning book Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way and its follow-up Mallmann on Fire."


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.

This February, Miami Beach have a fresh addition in their neighborhood of a japanese concept restaurant. Brought by the team behind Juvia, Jonas and Alexandra Millán and Chef Partner Sunny Oh, Sushi Garage now opens in the heart of Sunset Harbour. Sushi Garage rolls out a menu of updated classics, grilled fish and inventive nigiris, with cocktails to match. Dozens of dangling koi fish sculptures, hand-made tiles and a garage door from the original building lend personality to the otherwise minimalist space. Here is more information about Sushi Garage :


According to Urban Daddy :

"Because yes, it’s true. And for the record, it looks nothing like an auto body shop. Though if you look carefully, you’ll find subtle odes to its former life among the dangling fish sculptures and the fresh ginger growing all around the place. Like the wing nuts being used as chopstick holders. And the roll-up garage door. That last one isn’t very subtle. Still. And date-night potential? Sure. That’s one way you could go. Juvia’s chef Sunny Oh will be back in the kitchen here, so that’d be a good call. But a group would feel just as at-home in one of the semicircular booths toward the back. With sashimi, yes. But also tacos fashioned out of shishito leaves and stuffed with toro. Hot pots. A round or two of the Fat Qcumber with cucumber vodka, yuzu sake and St-Germain."


According to Miami.com :

"Building upon the success of Juvia, we have been looking to create a local driven true Japanese concept in a neighborhood environment. With Sushi Garage we hope to enhance the dining scene in Miami with our approachable concept, says Jonas.
Sunset Harbour is at the epicenter of Miami’s evolution of dining and restaurants, says Millan. We’re trying to keep it simple and provide locals and smart tourists a casual restaurant in an exciting environment." written by Lesley Abravanel.


According to Yelp :

"Where do I begin, this place is amazing!! Authentic Japanese. Incredibly fresh fish which makes then sashimi and sushi so tasty. We had a dish that had salmon sashimi with some type of yuzu sauce, highly recommend this. The crispy rice with spicy tuna is one of the best I've ever tried. I was very impressed with the rice bowl with vegetables that comes out steaming hot, the stone bowl actually cooks the rice while its at your table.. This was my first time having something like this, delicious. The sea bass was cooked to perfection in a miso sauce. I had the Bloody Mary as a cocktail, it was great, the wasabi and shishito pepper really give that spicy kick which I love in a Bloody. For dessert we had some type of spongey cake that a citrus sorbet on it, very light and refreshing perfect way to end a delightful meal. I will for sure be back for more!" written by Jenn. (rated 5 stars).


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.

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